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Letter from the founder:

Welcome to Teak Leadership Group. I am genuinely excited that you have taken a moment to check us out. The one thing I want you to know about us is what we want more than anything is to help people grow from within to be the most impactful leaders they can be. We are driven to learn, teach and inspire leaders because we know all leaders can be better leaders. We see the need for better leadership in our businesses, organizations, governments and communities who focus more on service, integrity, and value. Leaders that look at their positions as a duty and honor and who will hold themselves accountable to the organizations and people they serve.

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Our Approach

No matter the size of your organization, developing effective leaders in your organization can reduce stress, increase efficiency, and maximize productivity. However, it can take time and energy you or your team don't have to spare as you focus on your core competencies. We focus on leadership development and implementing a culture of success through our exclusive programs, processes, and models. We also have dynamic programs for developing successful Sales Teams. Most of our programs are in a workshop environment where we engage and interact with your team to accommodate your needs and reach predetermined outcomes. After our programs we remain available to advise and answer questions along the way or engage in formal programs like coaching or more focused workshops.

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The Book

A Leader in the Mirror was written from a perspective of a Christian man who was not inherently a leader but had to learn to lead himself and others as he worked himself out of a crisis. Since that time, he was worked with many successful leaders and developed processes and models to develop leaders. This book lays out specific methods to develop yourself as a leader, lead a team, and influence a culture of success.

The Namesake

The namesake of Teak Leadership Group comes from the teak tree because of the close comparison between the tree and successful organizations. The teak tree is one of the strongest, most durable trees in existence. The wood of the teak tree is sought out for the construction of products, like boats and outdoor furniture, that have to stand up to the harshest conditions. Why is the teak tree such an enduring species of tree? It may look like most any other tree, but it is what is on the inside that makes the difference. The teak tree continually produces a resin with a high oil content that contains elements that gives it a natural resistance to moister, rot, and insect infestation.

Other characteristics of the teak tree are its elasticity and solid fiber. This allows the tree to bend but strong enough not to break in severe weather. Not only does the teak tree have great longevity but it is known that the older the tree, the better quality of the wood. Like many rainforest trees that need to maximize use of resources, the teak tree’s roots and the base of the trunk thicken to keep the tall trees stable allowing the roots to search for nutrients near the surface of forest floor. Successful organizations grow strength from within, are flexible to change when needed while staying true to core, grow stronger and better as time goes by, and build a strong foundation in the leadership that maximizes resources and keeps the organization stable. 

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