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This training is a series of three courses set up in workshop format designed to better integrate sales teams with their company and with their clients and prospects. The goal is to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of the sales team to increase quality sales. We will be presenting Teak Leadership Group’s exclusive 5 Blocks System for Successful Sales Teams. The first course is designed for company and sales leadership only and the next two courses are designed for sales leadership and the frontline sales team. More concentrated sales courses are available.

Typical Outcomes include:

  • Understanding the set of sales skills associated with each sales process goal
  • Closer integration between sales field in support personnel
  • Better understanding of the opportunities in book of business
  • Better understanding of who influences book of business
  • Making connections and following leads
  • Deeper understanding of clients’ needs and motivations
  • More confidence in presenting to prospective clients
  • Smoother and more effective closing process

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